How To Fix A Broken Roof Shingle.

Damaged shingles can be a nightmare for anyone. They often will start to leak and cause stuffiness in the home. However, it is not hard to fix loose or broken shingles. With a few guidelines, one can manage to fix the roof shingles if the damage is not extensive.

The first thing to keep in mind when fixing a roof is that one is vulnerable to injury so it is important that one takes precautions like getting protective wear for the hands and also get a ladder that is as steady as possible to avoid falling.

After ensuring that you are safe on the roof, you should assess the damage. The shingles may sometimes be damaged in such a way that one cannot be able to repair the roof with the same ones. If this is the case, you will need to get new shingles. If they are not that damaged, there is no need to replace them. To know if the shingles are completely damaged, you should check if they are brittle as this means that they are vulnerable to weather and will most likely get broken after a short period of time. If they are just cracked or loose, they do not need to be replaced with new ones. Find out more about roof restoration here.

When removing the shingles to replace them, you should do so on a cool weather day because shingles tend to get more firm with hot weather. If it is during the hot season, it is best to work on them in the morning as the temperatures are cooler.

To remove the shingles, you can use a chisel so as to avoid damaging the shingles that are still in good shape. You should remove the two rows of the shingles near the ones you are repairing. Then, lift the shingles to get to the nails and then loosen the nails of the damaged shingles. It is important that you create a radius around the damage so that you can be sure you get all the damage repaired.

After removing the nails, you can then lift the damaged shingles and put them back properly, attaching them together using an adhesive. If the shingles are ruined and you need to replace them, then you will have to get the necessary materials to do that. These are new shingles, adhesive and some nails. The process of replacement is the same as before but this time you will not return the old shingles, instead you will place the new shingles where the damaged ones were.

Placing the new shingles where the old ones were is not a difficult process as the shingles already have nail holes in them. You place the shingles in the right angle, nail them in properly and then use the adhesive to ensure they are firmly fixed in place.

After this is done, check around for any other loose shingles and use the adhesive to glue them properly. Ensure that you have repaired all the damage before getting off the roof to avoid repeating the whole process after a short period of time.